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dream of pastry

Pastry was first of all a springboard to a professional path from the age of 15, an escape from the classic school curriculum. Then it quickly became over the years a Passion, a means of expression and escape, a stimulant of emotions and pleasure. Despite my young age (20) I have already acquired a very rich and varied experience. I first started my pastry apprenticeship at the "Délices de Saint Antoine" (Nice) with Charles, my first Master of apprenticeship, an artisan baker-pastry chef who gave me the basics of pastry making but who above all learned rigor, a sense of effort and hard work, resilience to the difficulty of work. Then I continued in the second year of apprenticeship at the “Palais de la Méditerranée”, a luxury hotel on the Côte d'Azur (Nice). I got my CAP pastry. I completed my training with a third year of apprenticeship in chocolate, confectionery and ice cream. I worked during this year with an artisan-chocolatier and obtained the Additional Mention. I had the chance to work a few months at the “Hermitage” hotel (Principality of Monaco) before flying away alone, away from my family, at the age of 18 for Israel, as a challenge that I am launched, a challenge to be met. I joined the “Planet Chef” culinary school in Tel Aviv renowned for its teachings by great French and Israeli chefs. I widened my universe with different tastes, other types of pastries and other techniques, I also learned to work the pastry arrived (without milk product). I obtained my diploma at the end of the year and joined the team of the "Ritz-Carlton" hotel in Herzliya then of the "Orient", a large hotel in Jerusalem where I was trained in particular in tailoring and the presentation of buffet desserts ... Today I work in a gourmet restaurant in Tel Aviv "Toto" where I am versatile, both in the manufacture of pastries, ice cream, chocolate, and in service for the preparation and sending desserts to the plate ordered in the dining room.


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